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                                                             Lily, Terry, Amy, the 3 generations!


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                                                       Welcome to Best Westie!

We're located in Holland, New York which is about 30 miles south east of Buffalo, NY.

We're mother (Tammy) and daughter (Renee') and between the two of us have been breeding westies for over 12 years and one of our present females that we are breeding (Lily) is our third generation of westies.

Amy, Renee's companion is a loving, loyal, sweet girl who loves to play with other dogs, especially chasing the labs we train!  Since her temperament is so good, we decided to breed her and share all her wonderful qualities with other westie lovers and have succeeded since all her pups have her disposition.  She is a healthy girl and has no allergies which is important when looking for a pup.  Amy is 13 years old now and enjoying herself as "Queen of the Terriers" here!

Terry is a daughter of Amy and is owned by very good friends of ours.   Terry is also very loving, loyal, is in good health, has no allergies and is very spoiled being their only dog!  Terry is also "retired" from having puppies after 3 awesome litters! 

Lily is our third generation of westies, she is the daughter of Terry Lily also has her own home with one of our good friends, Kristin.  We are excited about breeding Lily and continuing this great line of westies. 

Kasey was purchased from a show breeder in Tennessee, she has a great disposition and her pedigree goes back to "Amy's" line (Renee's first westie)!!!  Kasey lives with another friend of ours who spoils her as she is their only dog, she goes everywhere with them!  Kasey is now "retired" after having 4 wonderful litters.

Kylie was purchased from the same show breeder in Tennessee as Kasey.  She is very active, loves to play and keep herself occupied.  We personally own Kylie and she is a great companion, snuggles in bed, and always travels with us!

Cami is from a westie breeder in Indiana and she is a loving, sweet girl. She loves to sit with you, loves attention but is not overbearing.  She also enjoys playing with her westie companion, Sprocket (one of Amy x Parker sons), and she loves camping, swimming, playing fetch, going for walks (she runs!) and helping with any task you may be doing!  Cami lives with Sprocket at very close friends' house in Marilla, NY.

Jackie is our Kylie x Jackson girl (Jackson is a son of Terry x Parker). She is a very happy, playful westie who also loves to camp, swim, go for walks like Cami actually, they play a lot together! Jackie lives with our son, Wade, and his yellow lab, Bridgette.  Bridgette and Jackie are "Best Friends" and great company for each other. She is a great to snuggle in a chair with and loves to sleep in bed too!!!!

Parker is our first male westie - he was purchased as a pup from a kennel in Michigan in February 2007 from a breeder who has had his parents and grandparents with no health problems or allergies and have great temperaments.  Parker is available for stud.

Dexter is our newest addition to our "lines" he was purchased from a breeder down-state who has raised westies for many years and has at least three generations of the dogs she breeds and raises.  He lives with a family in East Aurora, NY where he is loved by an 8 year old little girl and plays with her, her two brothers and his house-mate Labrador Retriever, Daisy.  Dexter is also free of allergies and has had no health problems.

Thank you for visiting our site - each of the terriers have their own page with more information.


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On a side note we also raise and train Labrador Retrievers and the Westies are a great "fit" with them!

Tammy & Renee Adsitt                          For directions/map to our home:

9130 N Protection Rd                           


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